Packages + Pricing

If you love the way movies can take you to another place, let you dream, think about playing dressup, or evoke an emotion, then you'll love a portrait session with Heather.


You already play so many parts: mother, sister, daughter, volunteer, creative, professional, problem-solver, keeper-of-memories (and birthday reminders). Whether you want to star as yourself, the person you imagine you could be, or simply prefer to cast your family in starring roles, there's a session package worth auditioning below.

Short Takes

  • 2 hour photo session
  • Online private gallery to view, purchase prints, or share web-ready images
  • (2) 5 x7 prints
  • (1) 8 x 10 print

The Short Takes package is perfect for those on a budget. If you were already thinking of going to a local store for photos, skip the mall, and cast you or your family in unique outtakes. You'll cherish the difference. Pricing starts at just $125 for an individual session (adult or child). Or add more stars to your stills for just $15 per person. Your facebook page will never look so good.

The Press Kit

  • 1-2 locations
  • Online private gallery to view, purchase prints, or download web-ready images
  • (2) 5 x7 prints
  • (1) 8 x 10 print
  • (1) Large (16 x 20) print
  • (3) Press-printed mini books or 25 cards with envelopes

The Press Kit package includes your choice of either custom-designed mini-books (makes a great gift!) or cards (Holiday, Announcement or Senior Greeting Cards), and access to a gallery of images you can share on your blog, facebook page or to send to friends and family. Pricing starts at $275. A popular package that allows you to personalize and share your experience.

Special Feature

  • Half day photo session
  • Private online gallery to view, select, and download images
  • (2) 5 x7 prints
  • (1) 8 x 10 print
  • (1) Large (16 x 20 +) print on Canvas
  • (1) Custom-printed and designed photoalbum
  • DVD short film with audio interviews + slideshow

The Special Feature package is a cinema session that captures you or your family at play through video vignettes and photographic stills. If a picture can say 1,000 words, imagine what 24 frames per second can say. Along with unique, cinematic stills incorporated into custom print pieces, you'll receive a custom short film of your story with music, imagery and audio soundbites from your session. Starting at $650.

Other Portrait Cinema Sessions

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Call or email to chat about these specialty sessions and pricing.

  • BOUDOIR NOIR - For the romantic.
  • HEADSHOTS - For aspiring actors and models
  • RAINMAKER - Still or motion photography to promote your business, band, product or service
  • PHOTO PARTY - You. Your Friends. Your Children. A Limo or just a living room. Call for details.