I'm making an App!

I've been working the last several months on artwork for the app "24 Notions" - a bookapp I'm creating with a good friend and editor. Inspired by an essay contribution, I filmed and interviewed Adam Lane for an in-app video feature to coincide with the written work. I'm inspired by Adam's story and the work we're doing on the app.

More artwork for the app I've recently shot or created.

App Cover for 24 Notions
Blues Man Walking

New Family

Did you see our Venus model from an art session a few years back (scroll down) ? Venus was the goddess of fertility and love. Soon after that photo shoot, this fellow photographer was pregnant with her first child. The couple asked me to head to the River Market for a half day photo session with them and their lovely daughter. It was a gorgeous day.

Kansas City Couple
Kansas City Couple


Alice and Nell are twins. I've taken portraits of them since they were baby "babies." Take a look at what a difference a year makes.


Senior Video

I love shooting senior portraits. Couple that with a great senior with a penchant for cinema, and well, movie magic fun.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat

Every first friday in the Crossroad Arts District, you can hear The Billy Bats play the soulful blues sounds they are known for. Not only am I a fan, but I love it when Lead Guitar player and friend, Jason Vivone calls me up to create the branding and marketing materials for their albums. Rinse. Lather. Repeat. is sure to be a hit in 2012. Here's a little sneak peek from their band photo session.

Yes. You can fit 7 people in a bathroom. And, then, the Pizza Guy finally rang the doorbell. This photog served up a great photo...and got the Pizza while the band stood in wait to keep this composition.
The Billy Bats
Jason Vivone and Paula Crawford

The Billy Bats

Marianne and Rick: A wedding

I'm a water sign, so when Marianne booked a Portrait Cinema session for her wedding at a nearby lake, I was more than excited. Not only is this a wonderful couple, but it was a fun-filled evening where I could ponder the idea of living in a lake community with my sweetie like this lucky couple. Yep. Mental note taken. Well, and also some great photos too. Take a look.

Venus Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

What does a Kansas City loft, a hot-tub, and a group of creatives have in common? All those elements converged for the making of the Venus Portrait---one is a series of mythological portraits(9) I am creating for Astrology at the Crossroads over two years.

The final image below. The printed image was then adhered to museum board and painted over with an array of Golden interference paints, and gloss. The results are amazing in person.
Behind the scenes outtakes...
venus behind the scenes

The hands were shot with three different models and added to the final image in post.

venus outtake behind the scenes

The portrait getting glazed with various mediums of gloss acrylic paint.

portrait painting

Scott Schaefer Salon


I believe every woman can be glamorous. It's part of the reason photography is a passion of mine. As a teenager, I poured over all those photobooks of 1940's stars. So, it's no wonder when hairstylist Scott Schaefer needed photography to highlight his salon's work, I was excited to take part. He believes every woman is beautiful too, and clearly, his mad skills at updos speaks for itself. Be sure to visit his salon in Prairie Village.

Portrait Cinema: Heather

We share the same name, and we shared a wonderful day capturing images at various fall destinations in the Northland. I brought a closet full of dresses for Heather to choose from (and have in stock for more photosessions...just ask me!). Beautiful senior. Beautiful day.


Are you a romantic? Here's a true love story of a couple renewing their vows, this time with their children as part of the ceremony. They look as good today as they did on their wedding day years ago. Family + heart = love, don't you think?